Professor William Hodrick

"Once you've sunk your teeth into something, you don't let go until it's dead, or you are."


William Hodrick, known by many as Professor Hod, or simply, “The Professor”, is a scholar, a man of thought before action, but one that can act just as well under pressure. He stands at about six feet one inch tall, his general frame being moderate but clear defined muscle showing. He is lean and clearly very fit, standing confidently in any situation. His face is long and somewhat soft, but despite this his features are framed by a rather strong jaw as well as flowing brown hair. He can usually be found wearing the brown or green clothes of a scholar, but on the field is known to wear much different attire. When looking at him in conversation, it is easy to tell that he has seen things that many have not, and that his past may be more grave than one can imagine.


Nothing is known of The Professor as of yet.

Professor William Hodrick

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